Elizabeth Cran, book reviewer for The Guardian (Charlottetown), praised Molly and Company in a review published January 30, 2016.  “A tragi-comic novel may well be the best kind. After all, life is like that, and most novels try to imitate life, in some way. From Prince Edward Island comes “Molly and Company’’ by Margaret A. Westlie.

It’s a sequel to “Shades of Molly’’, a story set in a nursing home, and full of rambunctious ghosts. The book is mainly concerned with Willie Poste, a renowned artist and a nasty man, who’s hovering between life and death. He’s sent over to Molly, Lucy and Larry to see if they can rehabilitate him before he has to go back to mortal life. In a beautiful meadow with a brook running through, they work at it with difficulty because of Willie’s inherent lack of co-operation. Meanwhile, the human ghost hunters are having a lot of trouble trying to find who is doing the haunting.

The dialogue in this book is especially lifelike. The story reads fast and well with no bumps caused by mistakes in language. If you haven’t figured out where the tragedy comes in, read the book.”

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