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margaret westlie

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Charlottetown, Central Christian Church, 223 Kent Street
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Margaret Westlie

Margaret A. Westlie is the author of novels, poetry, essays and a children’s book. Her Settlers’ Stories novels draw inspiration from her Scottish ancestry, while her Spooky Fun novels draw on her interest in the occult and paranormal. She lives in beautiful Prince Edward Island, Canada, where her novels are set.

Margaret Westlie also appeals to the imagination of those who are drawn to the supernatural and occult by creating memorable characters, both worldly and other-worldly, who hunt the ghosts of contemporary Prince Edward Island and bring peace to those troubled by them. 

Books by Margaret Westlie​

Join the community of Prince Edward Island, where neighbour helps neighbour and people “default to good.”

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An Irregular Marriage

My parents are gone to Canada. I wait for my love. If he ever comes back.

Anna's Secret

How do you solve a murder without detectives?

Mattie's Story

Mother told me to marry a man whose name I don’t know, today.

What They Say


I have 2 problems with the fictional offerings of PEI writer, Margaret MacLeod Westlie. The first involves her intricate plotting and shocking twists (a woman murdered, a group of 19th c church Elders banding together as a security patrol in a rural community)… this sort of thing means that the book cannot be easily set aside but must be read in 1 or 2 sittings resulting in disruption of schedules, shopping, and even work. The second arises from the authentic PEI-Scottish setting, vocabulary, and characterizations which are so authentic that they make this reader profoundly homesick. If you are an Islander, read it at your peril.

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New Release

Twitch’s New Neighbour

Twitch, the dog who loves carrots, is back. In Twitch’s New Neighbour, your favourite Shih Tzu makes a new friend. But their playtime turns messy, and it is soon bath time for Twitch.