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Road Maps

Discover the Prince Edward Island of Margaret A. Westlie.

Road Maps is an anthology of poetry and short prose essays written over a number of years. The subject matter is the road to self-awareness and self-acceptance, and the poems and essays are the road maps.

The subjects of the poems are drawn from the author’s wide interests, including her home in Prince Edward Island, the time she spent in the United States and her two sojourns at Harlaxton Manor in England.

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Poetry and short prose inspired by Prince Edward Island.

Pathways is a new collection of the most recent poetry by Margaret A. Westlie. Like Road Maps, her previous book of poetry, Pathways includes pithy observations and quirky points of view. It is also an exploration of self, with poems addressing childlessness, approaching old age and the isolation that can arise from a Canadian winter. In some ways, the most satisfying read is a selection of poems with the title, “Don’t Make Me Mad,” which vent annoyance and pinpoint the heart of the matter. No names are mentioned—but don’t dare claim them! Direct and probing yet fun-filled, the poems of Pathways will have you reading and rereading them.

A Sense of Place

Community, the creative process and second sight come together in these essays and short stories.

rince Edward Island past and present meet in this collection of essays. In “A Sense of Place,” Margaret Westlie combines reminiscences of her girlhood with reflections on the web of community we create through music, gift-giving and sharing the news.

Margaret Westlie also explores the sources of her creativity. The essays in “The Writing Life” offer insight into how she finds her inspiration, her use of prompts and cues to write spontaneously, and the theme of mothers and motherhood in her novels. “The Writing Life” concludes with two previously unpublished short stories.

In “Second Sight,” the final section of this book, you will encounter the paranormal as it has surprised the author in card reading, premonitions and uncanny experiences. Two new short stories open this world to you.

Read “A Sense of Place” and discover the world behind the novels of Margaret A. Westlie.

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