Margaret Westlie

Silver Bells (E-Book)


It’s Christmas—but some uninvited guests from the other side are disrupting the family reunion.

Sisters Cassie and Liz have inherited their uncle’s old farmhouse. They are busy cleaning and redecorating when unsettling sounds and sights suggest that they are not alone in the house. The two girls decide to engineer a reconciliation among feuding family members by inviting everyone for Christmas. Among the guests is their psychic cousin Gertrude. When a ferocious snowstorm isolates the Christmas party, Gertrude’s vision of events past helps bring peace and healing to the present.

Silver Bells is the fourth book in the Spooky Fun series by Margaret A. Westlie. Riveting, sometimes eerie but ultimately hopeful, Silver Bells will warm your heart.

Read Silver Bells today and learn the secret of the bells.

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