Scottish Pioneers Series

Mattie’s Story

Her mother wants her to marry a man whose name she doesn’t know. Today.

Mattie Cameron is only 15 years old and playing with the children when a man comes courting. In fear, she marries him that very day, knowing nothing of what to expect from marriage. Her changed status alters her relationships with family and friends, while childbirth strains her connection with her difficult mother. Will Mattie find love and security with a man who was once a stranger?

Mattie’s Story is the first of the Scottish Pioneers novels by Margaret A. Westlie. Vulnerable yet resolute and tough-minded, Mattie will draw you in.

Read Mattie’s Story and follow Mattie as she changes from a girl to a woman.

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Anna’s Secret

A murder. A good and caring community. And no detectives.

Anna Gillis has been murdered. Angus MacDonald, church elder and de facto leader of the community, brings the small group of Scottish settlers together as they seek to uncover the wrongdoer. Old Annie, the last of the original settlers, knows Anna’s secret. Will it be the key to finding her killer?

Anna’s Secret is the second of the Scottish Pioneers novels by Margaret A. Westlie. Engaging and sometimes comic characters together with vivid evocations of the novel’s natural setting will draw you into the mystery. Who killed Anna, and why?

Read Anna’s Secret today and learn what only Old Annie knows.

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An Irregular Marriage

Her parents are gone. Her sweetheart is absent. Where is Annie’s home?

Annie’s family has left for a new life in Canada. Annie plans to make her home with Alistair, her betrothed. Instead she find herself alone in Scotland. Belle, Alistair’s mother, takes her in as her apprentice in midwifery and healing, while waiting for Alistair to return. But why does she discourage the marriage? Where will Annie find a home?

An Irregular Marriage is the third of the Scottish Pioneers novels by Margaret A. Westlie. Follow Annie from the Old World to the New in this fast-paced novel full of unforgettable characters.

Read An Irregular Marriage today and discover how Annie finally makes her own home.

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The Back Settlement

Beth must stop her father. But can she act in time?

Beth is 32 years old and a drudge in her father’s house. She once turned down a proposal from James because of her father. Now she has a second chance if she goes with him to the Back Settlement—today. But Beth’s past clouds their marriage. The day her father shows up uninvited, Beth knows she must act to protect her fragile happiness.

The Back Settlement is the fourth in the Scottish Pioneers novels by Margaret A. Westlie. Strong and determined yet vulnerable, Beth will capture your heart.

Buy The Back Settlement today and discover what Beth must do.

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