Margaret Westlie

Old Annie

Annie, heroine of An Irregular Marriage, is back, now in her new home in Prince Edward Island. But is she a healer or is she a witch?

Her husband is dead, drowned on the crossing from Scotland to Prince Edward Island. Her most treasured possession is a gazing ball, a gift from her mentor Belle—a woman believed to be a nature-worshipping witch. How will Annie become part of her new community in Canada? Will her skills as a healer and a midwife outweigh the reputation that has followed her from Skye? And who is the mysterious Mr. Wells, who has travelled with her from Scotland and whom only Annie can see?

The Settlers’ Stories by Margaret A. Westlie continue with this new chapter in the stories of the early Scottish communities of Prince Edward Island. This life-affirming story of an independent woman before her time will touch your heart.

Read Old Annie today and decide for yourself who Annie really is.



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